Floral Friday

It's no secret that florals are extremely popular right now. I have such a hard time choosing a favorite. Between spring flowers, sunflowers, tropical flowers, in lace and on silk. Not to mention how to wear it, it's like you could wear it from head to toe and still be totally trendy and probably even complimented. It's sweet and girly but also easy to wear and can be paired with anything (if you're not going with the H2T look). Floral pants of any kind are amazing, or a skirt, or on a cute little crop top, and what about a kimono? All of these options we can't get enough of. Vintage floral finds always feel like gold, it's so intriguing to see ones from past decades. And current florals which are mostly inspired from those decades. On right now, I mean come on with all of the options. And then there is local love, that always has a ton of great ones too. Here are some floral loving photos we pulled from tumblr to inspire your friday fun.


This guy. Stumbling around on tumblr and other publications iv'e seen a ton of his photos. Really not one has failed to amaze me, so I went ahead and searched #helmutnewton on tumblr. What came up was a variety of everything I hope to find in inspiration. Literally, none of his photography is dull to just sit and stare at! Fun, quirky, odd but in a good way. Newton was known for his provocative fashion photography starting in the late 50's but he also produced a ton of not as provocative and just as amazing photographs too. The history on this man is amazing to read and so inspiring! For all the details go to-

Here are some of the shots we can't take our eyes off of

See what I mean? Don't forget to follow our tumblr to see what's always keeping us inspired and on the edge of our seats! xoxo


Typically, I don't really plan outfits ahead. But when it comes to summer time and our favorite, 4th of july, it's hard not to! There are just so many fun ways to wear the holiday colors! Mix and match, play on prints, celebrate with a cold one in your hand with your favorite people. I mean, let's make the most of this day! So here are some of the festive fit options we thought were cute for whatever gathering you find yourself at. Also celebrating our newest addition, the proper shopper, because you can take this thing anywhere! 

The poolside/beach

The backyard barbecue

The fancy hangout

And if you didn't have a chance to snag your proper shopper, you still have a chance to get one in time to tote it around for the rest of the summer! Colors and prices are on the shop page of the site! -

Happy and safe independence day! Cheers!

Rainy day craft because summer

Being stuck inside by rain in June, well, isn’t the best. I’d rather be at the beach, in the sand covered in sun screen. But then I realized it doesn't have to be so bad. Just some glue, sea shells and a little good will. Good thing we have Pintrest to save the day and give us some good crafty ideas when we need them! I am now convinced the beach can be in my living room. Going through pintrest and searching away on beachy things, I came across several sea shell crafts that will pass the time and make the pad a little more summer time happiness. Makes you feel like you're part of the beach rather than spending time dreaming that you're there. There were many craft ideas that I felt the need to rush off to the store and get the supplies for immediately. Here are some favorites- 

-Some clearly more ambitious than others, it's still hard to choose only one. Though it doesn't seem so hard with a little glue and some time, after all what are we going to do stuck inside anyways waiting for the sun to come out? OH, and cutest / easiest of all- you could even make this adorable keychain to add to the pull of your Seaecho bag for when you finally leave the house. 

We have pinned all of these fun ideas on pintrest that come with full easy instructions- . G2G to Michaels now!

Moorea Seal love note

Moorea Seal is the sweetest online shop and now brick and mortar store based right in Seattle curated by none other than herself, Moorea Seal. Lady of many trades, she stands for a respectful and lady empowered company (and obviously we love that!) and also sells different merchandise that a percent of proceeds goes toward a variety of charities. Between some of the loveliest little knick knacks, to greeting cards, to woven rugs and a selection of clothing and bags. As well as jewelry designed by herself. We have had the honor of being able to be a part of Moorea seal and are in love with it. She has an amazing blog that keeps up on what’s going on right with the shop, new happenings and inspiration right on the main page of as well as a super fun pintrest page! that covers everything between fun diys to favorite sunglasses to favorite recipes. So go and check her out! We know you will love Moorea Seal just as much as we do! 

STYLE CRUSH: Natasha Goldenberg

This girls style is everything. The Russian designer and stylist wears many hats. Literally. Starting out as journalist at Hello Russia magazine, then starting her own line in 2010 and now is the current director of Kova & T. She designs beanies, turbans and other accessories as well. She stands to say "Bad hair days, bad face days, bad outfit days—no one notices it if you wear a statement piece on your head! Some men don’t like them, but even mine got used to it after nine years!”. We like how this girl thinks too. 


Ever google image searched something just out of pure curiosity? It's completely worth it. We  went ahead and searched "camo print, ss 2014" and it came up the the best variety of results. I mean yeah, we all love camouflage printed everything lately, but camo doesn't just mean green, brown and tan anymore. It's like the evolution of camo. There are orange and blue versions, there are some with floral prints mixed in. We have taken the traditional american uniform and made it something to wear everyday, all the time. I kind of love it. You kind of love it. Boys and girls alike kind of love it. There are so many fun plays on the trend and designers that we follow making their own versions, there's no way around wanting to dress in this nostalgic pattern. And that's okay with us. Keep coming, camo realness. 

Givenchy SS 2014

Carven SS 2014

Charlotte Eskildsen SS 2014

On the streets SS 2014

Stay adventuresome

We were so inspired by all the entries we received with our last contest! You guys are awesome! Far or near there are so many neat and beautiful places to adventure! A few new lovely adventures we saw like Iceland and Bali and a variety of places in the PNW. Can we just talk about how lucky we are to have such brilliant surroundings at all times? The ocean is just a drive and the woods are just a walk. The possibilities in between are just endless as far as adventures. We hope you keep on being adventuresome with it. So many options to adventure wherever you go! xo

Far Adventures




Close adventures - All in the PNW

Adventure anywhere

There’s only a few more days left until the end of our giveaway! So inspired by the places you’ll go, we put together a few perfect outfits to match. Some ideas to get you thinking of what you will wear along with your new spring seaecho bag, wherever it may take you. From instagram search the hashtag #seaechoadventure and scroll to the first picture tagged for all the details! Contest ends Wednesday!

The lounge like adventure

The city adventure

The outdoors adventure

The anywhere adventure


Yesterday we launched our newest giveaway! By reposting our photo or one of your own dream adventure, you could win a SEAECHO bag from our spring collection to take on your next adventures. Could be a trip to the coast, a walk through the woods, a roam around the city or even a campout in your backyard. Whatever it is, imagine a place you could have your spring SEAECHO bag by your side. Just post your photo to Instagram and a little caption of what the adventure is. The contest will run until next Wednesday- 4/16 and winner will be announced Friday- 4/18. We can't wait to see what kind of adventures you're dreaming of! 


We thought it was about time you guys get to know the babes behind SEAECHO. So by name, we all filled out a survey of questions that answers all of lives toughest questions. Or I mean, some of the toughest questions. We love to share with each other so thought we might as well share with you, too! You get to know the girls a little better. Left to right. Sarah Vale, Savanna, Chelsea and Katie. The babes. We hope you love reading as much as we loved answering! xo


1. Introduce yourself 

Sarah Vale, Mother Goose, kittens, collector of tiny things.

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 9.41.33 PM.png

2. What is your position at SEAECHO? 
I basically point at stuff and throw things together hoping that it sticks, that and herd cats.

3. Favorite season, why? 
It has always been Fall, but right now I am craving Spring something bad. 

4. If you could be any SEAECHO bag, which one would you be? 
I would be the Coco Portfolio or the next bag that hasn't come out yet. I love to keep things fresh but I also love a classic staple. 

5. What is your dream vacation scenario?
Warmth, no phone/internet service, big trees and the forest 10 minutes form the beach. 

6. Favorite movie? New or old? 

7. What would be your last meal before the world ended?
All the beverages: Cold Brew from Stumptown, Steigel Radler with a shot of Tequila, Wine White, Fizzy Water with Lavender Bitters and maybe a bowl of soup, crab cakes and french fries and a burrito. ALL THE FOOD. 

8. Who is your role model?
My parents, hard workers with huge hearts. What else do you need?

9. What's your ideal friday night?
Leave work early, grab a coffee at a little shop and get a new magazine at Rich's, then hit happy hour somewhere. Maybe run to a thrift store or two and grab dinner. After dinner have a night cap and hit the hay OR go visit my folks and have dinner with them then head home and watch too many episodes of Chopped (more realistic) 

10. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?


1. Introduce yourself 
Savanna AKA "Jaggy" 

2. What is your position at SEAECHO?
I am a studio assistant, I'm here for moral support, to come up with new ideas & drink all the champagne!

3. Favorite season, why?
Favorite season would have to be summer obviously, mostly because that's when my birthday is and who doesn't love the northwest sunshine.

4. What is your dream vacation scenario? 
Dream vacation...... Santorini, Greece! Ever since I saw the 1980's movie Summer Lovers (which is an amazingly awful movie) I totally want to go! Not to necessarily do what Cathy & Michael do in the film, but just to be in the sun and surrounded by beautiful architecture! 

5. Favorite movie? New or old?
Dazed and Confused, for sure!

6. What would be your last meal before the world ended?
A few gin and tonics, crawfish, beignets, in an old beautiful plantation home with huge oak trees on a warm spring night. Can you tell that I just got back from the south?

7. Who is your role model?
Sarah Vale, obviously! She's an EXTREMELY hard worker and has everything I hope to accomplish some day! She's also very kind and we get along famously! Sarah's thee best and becoming apart of Seaecho was the highlight of my year last year! And my MOM, Beth Hupe what's up! 

8. What's your ideal friday night?
OMG, it would involve a new outfit, all my closest friends dancing the night away to some awful dirty rap music with free beverages of course!

9. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
Lil' Wayne. 



Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 9.41.43 PM.png

1. Introduce yourself 
My name is Chelsea, also known by my friends as Brister! I am graduating at the end of March from the Art Institute with a BFA in Apparel Design. I LOVE prints, textiles and creating things, from fashion to art! I enjoy basketball, the outdoors, good coffee, good beer and DISNEYLAND!

2. What is your position at SEAECHO?
I've been interning with Seaecho since November as a product developer, production sewer, trend researcher, with a little dabblin' in the digital textile design as well. I'm the only one that wears nikes to the studio and I tend to impress the girls daily with my array of fun and funky print based, colorful clothes.

3. Favorite season, why?
Favorite season is definitely summer because I love being out in nature! I love going to the lake, the beach, camping, hiking, riding bike, rollerblading (cuz hello I'm a child of the 90's) and all the brewfests that pdx has to offer.

4. If you could be any SEAECHO bag, which one would you be?
 The Kingston Carryall!! This bag hasn't went to production yet, but it holds a dear place in my heart because I had a helping hand in developing it! And it's named after my dog, the most adorable chocolate lab, Kingston! Stay tuned!!!

5. If you could dress in any persons closet on this earth for a full month who would it be and why?
Its a tie between M.I.A. and Va$htie! I love the bold and funkiness of M.I.A.'s style, she's daring and unique.Then with VA$htie's style, she's just so hood, and I appreciate that! Her style is a reflection of her and she doesn't care about labels, she wears what's comfy first and foremost and what is stylish to her. Tomboy and comfortable, Jordans and funky bold statement pieces is definitely my ideal style!

6. What is your dream vacation scenario?
Tuscany!!! I wanna drink wine and eat my way through Italy and meet a foreign lover! Just like 'Under the Tuscan sun' haha

7. Favorite movie? New or old?
PULP FICTION!! Quentin Tarantino is a genius.

8. Who is your role model?
My parents! They became parents at a young age, and I'm blown away how they managed to raise 3 children with a pretty incredible upbringing. They did everything possible to make us happy and for that I am so greatful. I hope I one day, I am half the parents they are!

9. What's at the very top of your bucket list?
Run with bulls in Pamplona, Spain and dance in Carnival in Rio de Janeiro!

10. What's your ideal friday night?
Drinking good Oregon beer with good friends, rollerskating at oaks park and then going to a Fanno Creek concert  (my brothers the drummer!)



1. Introduce yourself
I’m Katie. Adventures, my sweet cats (ginger and snowball) and wine.

2. What is your position at SEAECHO?
Social media intern. Doing blog posts, finding inspiration, sharing ideas, helping with shoots, helping with what I can.

3. Favorite season, why? 
SUMMER. That’s when I feel most free. Free to wear fun outfits, free to hang in the water like a mermaid and free to eat more ice cream. 

4. If you could dress in any persons closet on this earth for a full month who would it be and why?
Do the Olsens count as one person? Everything they wear is so good. But if i’m picking one, it’s Rihanna. On one hand she’s classy and elegant at times and the other extremely cheeky. I admire her style in both cases.

5. What is your dream vacation scenario?
So many. But Greece has to be up there. The landscapes and buildings are impeccable. I’d have to see to believe.

6. Favorite movie? New or old? 
Has to be Romy and Michelles High School Reunion. This movie is the first I saw and wanted to dress the part. 

7. What would be your last meal before the world ended?
The thickest soft crust pizza with lots of things on top. Sweet red wine with the biggest slice of cheesecake. I wouldn’t die hungry. 

8.Who is your role model?
My mother. So thankful to have this incredible and beautiful woman. Role model/ mom/ best friend.

9. What's your ideal friday night?
Loud music, all of the people I love and some whisky. Sitting in the middle of the floor singing/ dancing/ laughing/ playing games.

10. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
Probably a couple.


Summer dreams

Is it too early to be dreaming of summer time? Naaa, we didn’t think so either. I mean with this recent sunshine it’s hard to help it. Able to bare some skin, air that smells like fresh cut grass and burgers straight off the grill (I guess Portland kind of always smells like grilled burgers, huh). I don’t know, it just feels like the season is coming. Season for river days, for favorite sundresses and for carrying around your sunnies like you need them like your cell phone. It’s coming for us, it’s starting. These are the dreamy summer moments we’re looking forward to re-living most when that time comes. LOVE YOU, SUMMER TIME

Flower bomb

We can't get enough of these pretty little things! There are so many different and lovely ones that it's basically impossible to get tired of having them around the house to look at every time you walk by. Here are a few blooms that we've come across and just can't stop staring at- 


I meaaan seriously. This girl is insane good. From Australia and growing up in New South Wales, she made her first trip to the US at age 11 with family when she discovered her love for performing and music. Her biggest inspiration comes from mostly Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes and 2Pac. So fun and quirky, pulling from the American 90's scene in her own bad chick way. Especially her INSANELY INCREDIBLE new song "Fancy". The music video mirrors the movie we all love so much, Clueless and it became an instant new favorite for so many reasons. Feathers, plaid mini skirts, so much attitude, you want nothing more but to be in her shoes. You must see it for yourself- THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE


Antique rugs- These things are seriously too perfect. And we know it's not just us. I mean granny has had one in her living room for years. All of a sudden this room accessory catches our eye every time. Between the the color and geometry, we are mesmerized. Along with the stories and craftsmanship behind them. I have never seen a stain on these things, it's like they're made out of mystery material. Should we even be walking on them in the first place? I don't know, but we have found the most perfect site for admiring and getting to read a little background by each individual lovely rug.  -

You may or may not regret going to this site. But you will end up wanting one for every room.

These are just a few of our favorite ones. Drool. 


On Saturday Seaecho shot their 2014 spring lookbook, and we had a blast! A bunch of babes, fun and flirty looks and all the brand new bags that are coming to you soon! The look book tells a story of a girl on an early spring adventure to the beach. She ditches work for the day, meets up with her best girlfriends and heads to the waters edge for a much longed for getaway with all of her favorite things. Since we had so much fun with it we had to share some behind the scenes. We can't wait for you guys to see this Seaecho 2014 spring lookbook! Stay tuned!


Between being seen coming down the runway or on the streets, I think there is a fair possibility that they are. These tones may have in the past been seen as boring or blah, only being worn by grandma or the sofa, but they have made their come back! So many tones and textures to play with and layer with, it always just looks so classy and chic. We see people on the street doing their thing with it, our favorite icons living in it and most every designer right now is making it impossible not to be in love with. Neutrals give us the perfect opportunity to throw it all on at once with no consequence. From pale yellows and blush tones to nude, cream, eggshell, white, opportunities are endless and always appealing. Could be layers of camel jacket with a cream top and jeans or a full on ensemble of every neutral named on the body. Either way, we want it all. All of these looks. In our closet now.  


In the midst of all the Valentines day madness, we have to still think about one favorite thing about it all. Sweet little Valentines/cards. Unlike any other holiday these cards hold so much more heart and personality in the Valentines spirit. Ever since the elementary days they have stayed so dear to the heart. These are the examples that i'm talking about. From plain cute, to silly and strange and all in between.

See what we mean? Just gets the warm fuzzys going. But beside all of these cuties, we do have to remember Valentine gifts for our sweeties, too. And if you are in need of the perfect gift for the occasion don't forget to check out our limited edition Valentine bag and delivery special. For all of the information about the sweet surprise just go to our main page and the banner says it all. This Ramona clutch will be sure to be perfect with any type of Valentines card you want to give your honey. Because really, she doesn't want roses. XO



Okay - so here is how it works....

If you live in Portland and want to do something extra special all you have to do is:

1. Place your order online BEFORE 3PM Feb. 14th for the Limited Edition Ramona Clutch. Enter in all your billing information as normal.

2. Tell us what you want the card to say, who it's for and who it's from. Nicknames and sweet nothings strongly encouraged. 

3. Make sure you uncheck SHIPPING ADDRESS SAME AS BILLING - this is where you will put WHO the bag is for (real name) and where we are delivering it. All orders need to be in NO LATER THAN 3PM if you want your present to be hand delivered to your boo. Keep in mind we need time to motor around! Please also keep in mind how late/long your valentine will be at the location you are sending us too; if you wait until last minute to order and they take off - everyone will be SAD!  Also, keep in mind we are in Portland proper, please don't send us too far one direction or the other. If we have issues with where you send us, we will email you promptly to figure out a game plan!  Deliveries will start at 10am and wrap up around 5pm. 

4. Click on the option "Hand Delivered in Portland for Valentines Day" - $2. This is basically to help us cover the cost of the other cute things that will go into packaging up the treat. We won't go into detail but it's worth it. TRUST US. 

See below for the check out process and the sooner you order the better. And thanks for letting us be a a part of your valentines day. We love love. 

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