Okay guys, if you didn’t make it to this you’re totally crazy! This last Saturday at the Ace Hotel, 28 local designers came together to make an event that was nothing short of amazing! People dressed in their best, refreshments not lacking and installments just to die for. Each of the 28 rooms were taken over by a different designer with a different concept, and they were for sure creative with it. Right as you got into the building you had to wait your turn to get upstairs to the magic. Little to say anticipation was high. 

Finally when you made it up, the first thing you saw was Solestruck with their “Don’t cry over spilled milk” concept. Babes in little white skivvies and amazing foot candy to match. Not to mention the all white room with what appeared to be strawberry milk spilt all over the place and on top of it, the place smelled like a morning bowl of cheerios! 

This was just the entry to what was to be seen on the next level where rows of rooms were filled with just the same amount of their own creativity. There were rooms filled with dance parties, live models, balloons and everything in between. One room by Mazama was made to make you feel like you were inside a giant cocktail, yes please! Though, a major reason I was here was to cover and admire the SEAECHO installment. 

SEAECHO is about to have their birthday and wanted to celebrate with a room filled with Patron saints of all things they love. Patron saint of champagne, of pizza and of course pups! Amazing lit up full size photos of the saints hung on the walls and the vibe was completed by candlelight. The sweet smell of flowers and fire took over the room along with SEAECHO bags placed throughout to swoon over. 

Every last room was filled with so much inspiration and creativity that the passion each designer has was obvious. It’s incredible what someone can take from basically nothing and turn into their own beautiful something. Everyone was here for the same reason, to have fun, share amazing craftsmanship and enjoy each others creativity. Portland, you rock! 

PS. There was a shop afterwards to purchase some of the things you saw you wish you could have had. Bonus!