#INWITHSEAECHO -just one more day!

Since the launch of our instagram contest last week we have really enjoyed seeing everyones most cherished items and the meanings they hold! Though, there is only one more day until we chose a favorite! Giveaway entry is over end of day tomorrow, 1/15 and the winner will be announced via instagram the next day on the 16th. So go on and show us your favorite/most cherished items on instagram before it's too late! If you've missed the rules they can be found when searching #inwithseaecho and tapping on the very first post. We love all the posts! Here are a few favorites so far! 

karajeansee- Things that are near and dear to my heart. I had Tigger from the moment I was born- it's molded into the shape of my little hand. Opal- my favorite book of all that my mama read to me. Created my wonder in the world. And various knick-knacks from around the world gifted to me as a child.

colleen_uh- One of my favorite pocket-sized treasures! Handed down to me from my grandma at a young age, these lil crane sewing snippers are well used and well loved!

cupcay- I inherited this little purse from my grandmaa long time ago. it's for accompanying kimono and I love the patterning. It's hand sewn and still in great condition. Good things last forever.