Now that the holidays are over we want you to be able to have the chance to get one last special treat, a Seaecho bag! New years brings the urge to be out with the old and in with the new, but why not have and keep both? We are looking to see your guy's favorite items/ something dear to your heart in exchange of getting a new favorite item/ Seaecho bag of your dreams! After posting a picture of the above on Instagram tag us @seaecho and #inwithseaecho for your chance at being chosen! We want to see it all, from old worn in blankets to a cherished pair of shoes! We want to know just what it is and why it's your favorite! For some inspiration, here are the Seaecho girl's favorite/cherished items! 

SARAH- This is PigPig. We have been together since my second birthday. A family friend was the manager of Lipmans and let 2 yr old me pick out whatever I wanted from the then toy/party shop. I chose PigPig and we have been inseparable since. 

SAVANNA- Two of my favorite old things are behind me in this photo! Hanging is my 28 star American flag, which I found thrifting on the coast. This time period that this flag was in use is my favorite to learn about! The second old item is the orangish beat up table. This was one of the very first pieces of furniture my grandparents had boughten as a married couple about 70 years ago! It is still very sturdy, it truly shows the hard work and craftmanship of the time! 

CHELSEA- This is a picture of my mom that is very dear to me. It was taken after she finished school and was pursuing modeling, she ended up choosing my dad rather than moving away to to pursue her dream. I just love this picture of my mom because it shows what a babe she was....still is!! 

KATIE- This is a piece from my peacock feather collection. When I was younger and visited my dads place my sisters and I would go out and hunt for feathers from the wild peacocks on his property. We did it every morning we could, as a religion. Then fought over who got what after. We all ended up with a sweet share of our own.