In the midst of all the Valentines day madness, we have to still think about one favorite thing about it all. Sweet little Valentines/cards. Unlike any other holiday these cards hold so much more heart and personality in the Valentines spirit. Ever since the elementary days they have stayed so dear to the heart. These are the examples that i'm talking about. From plain cute, to silly and strange and all in between.

See what we mean? Just gets the warm fuzzys going. But beside all of these cuties, we do have to remember Valentine gifts for our sweeties, too. And if you are in need of the perfect gift for the occasion don't forget to check out our limited edition Valentine bag and delivery special. For all of the information about the sweet surprise just go to our main page and the banner says it all. This Ramona clutch will be sure to be perfect with any type of Valentines card you want to give your honey. Because really, she doesn't want roses. XO