Between being seen coming down the runway or on the streets, I think there is a fair possibility that they are. These tones may have in the past been seen as boring or blah, only being worn by grandma or the sofa, but they have made their come back! So many tones and textures to play with and layer with, it always just looks so classy and chic. We see people on the street doing their thing with it, our favorite icons living in it and most every designer right now is making it impossible not to be in love with. Neutrals give us the perfect opportunity to throw it all on at once with no consequence. From pale yellows and blush tones to nude, cream, eggshell, white, opportunities are endless and always appealing. Could be layers of camel jacket with a cream top and jeans or a full on ensemble of every neutral named on the body. Either way, we want it all. All of these looks. In our closet now.