Okay - so here is how it works....

If you live in Portland and want to do something extra special all you have to do is:

1. Place your order online BEFORE 3PM Feb. 14th for the Limited Edition Ramona Clutch. Enter in all your billing information as normal.

2. Tell us what you want the card to say, who it's for and who it's from. Nicknames and sweet nothings strongly encouraged. 

3. Make sure you uncheck SHIPPING ADDRESS SAME AS BILLING - this is where you will put WHO the bag is for (real name) and where we are delivering it. All orders need to be in NO LATER THAN 3PM if you want your present to be hand delivered to your boo. Keep in mind we need time to motor around! Please also keep in mind how late/long your valentine will be at the location you are sending us too; if you wait until last minute to order and they take off - everyone will be SAD!  Also, keep in mind we are in Portland proper, please don't send us too far one direction or the other. If we have issues with where you send us, we will email you promptly to figure out a game plan!  Deliveries will start at 10am and wrap up around 5pm. 

4. Click on the option "Hand Delivered in Portland for Valentines Day" - $2. This is basically to help us cover the cost of the other cute things that will go into packaging up the treat. We won't go into detail but it's worth it. TRUST US. 

See below for the check out process and the sooner you order the better. And thanks for letting us be a a part of your valentines day. We love love. 

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