Ever google image searched something just out of pure curiosity? It's completely worth it. We  went ahead and searched "camo print, ss 2014" and it came up the the best variety of results. I mean yeah, we all love camouflage printed everything lately, but camo doesn't just mean green, brown and tan anymore. It's like the evolution of camo. There are orange and blue versions, there are some with floral prints mixed in. We have taken the traditional american uniform and made it something to wear everyday, all the time. I kind of love it. You kind of love it. Boys and girls alike kind of love it. There are so many fun plays on the trend and designers that we follow making their own versions, there's no way around wanting to dress in this nostalgic pattern. And that's okay with us. Keep coming, camo realness. 

Givenchy SS 2014

Carven SS 2014

Charlotte Eskildsen SS 2014

On the streets SS 2014