Rainy day craft because summer

Being stuck inside by rain in June, well, isn’t the best. I’d rather be at the beach, in the sand covered in sun screen. But then I realized it doesn't have to be so bad. Just some glue, sea shells and a little good will. Good thing we have Pintrest to save the day and give us some good crafty ideas when we need them! I am now convinced the beach can be in my living room. Going through pintrest and searching away on beachy things, I came across several sea shell crafts that will pass the time and make the pad a little more summer time happiness. Makes you feel like you're part of the beach rather than spending time dreaming that you're there. There were many craft ideas that I felt the need to rush off to the store and get the supplies for immediately. Here are some favorites- 

-Some clearly more ambitious than others, it's still hard to choose only one. Though it doesn't seem so hard with a little glue and some time, after all what are we going to do stuck inside anyways waiting for the sun to come out? OH, and cutest / easiest of all- you could even make this adorable keychain to add to the pull of your Seaecho bag for when you finally leave the house. 

We have pinned all of these fun ideas on pintrest that come with full easy instructions- . G2G to Michaels now!