Floral Friday

It's no secret that florals are extremely popular right now. I have such a hard time choosing a favorite. Between spring flowers, sunflowers, tropical flowers, in lace and on silk. Not to mention how to wear it, it's like you could wear it from head to toe and still be totally trendy and probably even complimented. It's sweet and girly but also easy to wear and can be paired with anything (if you're not going with the H2T look). Floral pants of any kind are amazing, or a skirt, or on a cute little crop top, and what about a kimono? All of these options we can't get enough of. Vintage floral finds always feel like gold, it's so intriguing to see ones from past decades. And current florals which are mostly inspired from those decades. On right now, I mean come on with all of the options. And then there is local love, that always has a ton of great ones too. Here are some floral loving photos we pulled from tumblr to inspire your friday fun.