Typically, I don't really plan outfits ahead. But when it comes to summer time and our favorite, 4th of july, it's hard not to! There are just so many fun ways to wear the holiday colors! Mix and match, play on prints, celebrate with a cold one in your hand with your favorite people. I mean, let's make the most of this day! So here are some of the festive fit options we thought were cute for whatever gathering you find yourself at. Also celebrating our newest addition, the proper shopper, because you can take this thing anywhere! 

The poolside/beach

The backyard barbecue

The fancy hangout

And if you didn't have a chance to snag your proper shopper, you still have a chance to get one in time to tote it around for the rest of the summer! Colors and prices are on the shop page of the site! -

Happy and safe independence day! Cheers!