Beyonce remix on replay

As if Beyonce's album wasn't enough already, Busta Rhymes and Azealia Banks come out here  and give us a full remix of the album we already love. You can't help but to turn it up and want to move around. So stop what you're doing for just a second, take the break you deserve and move your hips to this perfect remix. You'll feel re energized after just a few minutes, not that you'll be able to turn it off or anything anyways. Thank you Refinery 29, this is just what we needed to get through the week. 

Check out the deets and mix here:

Pastel moments

All these pastels have us in a daze. So easy on the eyes and so sweet to the heart. There are too many great images produced by these hues. Namely, blush pink. Blush pink is always so whimsical and fun. Whether it be you wearing it, seeing it in a home, or it being in an image, eyes can't help but to be drawn.  And hey, we might even have it in mind for something upcoming. Here are some of our inspirations- 

If you didn't know, now ya know

As a favorite, it was only natural to want to give national peanut butter day proper recognition. I mean, peanut butter is the root of our childhood, the thing we eat when we want to feel at home. Here is the inside on the so loved staple food. 

National Peanut Butter Day- January 24th

It’s National Peanut Butter Day! Peanut butter is a staple in over 90% of American households and the average person consumes more than six pounds of peanut products each year. Women and children prefer creamy peanut butter, while most men go for the chunky variety. 

George Bayle, a St. Louis snack food maker, started making peanut butter in the 1890s. For many years, manufacturers struggled with the oil separating from the grainy solids of the peaut butter. In 1923 Heinz became the first company to homogenize the peanuts into the spreadable butter we know and love today. Before long peanut butter was a classic American food.

Did you know that it takes 550 peanuts to make a 12 ounce jar of peanut butter? Peanuts are cholesterol free and an excellent source of protein. In fact, it’s the high protein content that causes peanut butter to stick to the roof of your mouth.

Anyways, I have to be going now. Need to bake up some peanut butter cookies. Jumbo size.

#INWITHSEAECHO -just one more day!

Since the launch of our instagram contest last week we have really enjoyed seeing everyones most cherished items and the meanings they hold! Though, there is only one more day until we chose a favorite! Giveaway entry is over end of day tomorrow, 1/15 and the winner will be announced via instagram the next day on the 16th. So go on and show us your favorite/most cherished items on instagram before it's too late! If you've missed the rules they can be found when searching #inwithseaecho and tapping on the very first post. We love all the posts! Here are a few favorites so far! 

karajeansee- Things that are near and dear to my heart. I had Tigger from the moment I was born- it's molded into the shape of my little hand. Opal- my favorite book of all that my mama read to me. Created my wonder in the world. And various knick-knacks from around the world gifted to me as a child.

colleen_uh- One of my favorite pocket-sized treasures! Handed down to me from my grandma at a young age, these lil crane sewing snippers are well used and well loved!

cupcay- I inherited this little purse from my grandmaa long time ago. it's for accompanying kimono and I love the patterning. It's hand sewn and still in great condition. Good things last forever. 

All white everything

Of corse we love black almost just as much as Wednesday Adams, but between Pintrest and Tumblr we've come across too many white and bright looks that we can't feel anything but love for. The all white gives such a clean and fresh feel. These are the favorites. How, when, where can I achieve?


Now that the holidays are over we want you to be able to have the chance to get one last special treat, a Seaecho bag! New years brings the urge to be out with the old and in with the new, but why not have and keep both? We are looking to see your guy's favorite items/ something dear to your heart in exchange of getting a new favorite item/ Seaecho bag of your dreams! After posting a picture of the above on Instagram tag us @seaecho and #inwithseaecho for your chance at being chosen! We want to see it all, from old worn in blankets to a cherished pair of shoes! We want to know just what it is and why it's your favorite! For some inspiration, here are the Seaecho girl's favorite/cherished items! 

SARAH- This is PigPig. We have been together since my second birthday. A family friend was the manager of Lipmans and let 2 yr old me pick out whatever I wanted from the then toy/party shop. I chose PigPig and we have been inseparable since. 

SAVANNA- Two of my favorite old things are behind me in this photo! Hanging is my 28 star American flag, which I found thrifting on the coast. This time period that this flag was in use is my favorite to learn about! The second old item is the orangish beat up table. This was one of the very first pieces of furniture my grandparents had boughten as a married couple about 70 years ago! It is still very sturdy, it truly shows the hard work and craftmanship of the time! 

CHELSEA- This is a picture of my mom that is very dear to me. It was taken after she finished school and was pursuing modeling, she ended up choosing my dad rather than moving away to to pursue her dream. I just love this picture of my mom because it shows what a babe she was....still is!! 

KATIE- This is a piece from my peacock feather collection. When I was younger and visited my dads place my sisters and I would go out and hunt for feathers from the wild peacocks on his property. We did it every morning we could, as a religion. Then fought over who got what after. We all ended up with a sweet share of our own.


So, it's that time again for making new years resolutions, contemplating life's mysteries and letting go of whatever we feel like is holding us back. Along with having a fabulous night of course. Let's start now, go pour yourself some champ. Make the most of it. The mega babe herself is here for inspiration. NYE Marilyn fashion.



Happy New Years eve babes! Have a crazy awesome night and stay safe!

A thank you!

We've been featured on Le Monde est a! This woman's inspirations are all also things we love most- Art, music, fashion, food, travel and design.  Her boho vibes and outdoor loving/ surrounding eye for beauty is incredible! Along with the images on her site, check it out! -



We've been tumbling and have come across too many great holiday party styles not to share. Between work parties, friend parties, self parties, we always need a great excuse to play dress up.

Here's a few favorites


A little cookie-cocktail combo

Sometimes we just need a little mid-week break from the busy to re-fuel, and this is a no fail combo. The actual perfect pairing that is super easy to make. Cheers!



Gluten Free Peanut Butter and Oatmeal Cookies:
1/2 cup butter
1 cup peanut butter
2 eggs
2 tsp vanilla 
1 cup sugar
2 tbsp honey
3 cups gluten free oats
1 1/4 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt 
1 cup chocolate chips
sea salt for tops

Combine butter, peanut butter, honey and sugar in a bowl and beat with an electric mixer until light and fluffy. Add in the eggs and vanilla and combine thoroughly. Stir in oats, baking soda and salt and mix until fully incorporated. Stir in chocolate chips. Scoop onto a parchment lined baking sheet.

Bake at 350 degrees for 10 to 12 minutes until lightly browned and the tops still look slightly under cooked. Remove and let cool on the pan.



Spiked Cider:

1 1/2 cups of your favorite apple cider

1 1/2 shots of whisky






In a mug of your choice put the whisky. In a medium pan heat cider over medium heat just until it starts to boil. Add the cider to the mug and enjoy!

Behind the scenes

This last Saturday we shot our holiday look book and it was a crazy fun time! We got to our location which was more beautiful than we could have expected, had a real live big foot running around (not to mention was attracting a photo op of his own) and ended up with a bunch of amazing shots! Here's a little behind the scenes of our day



Last night was the launch of Solestruck's in store holiday bazaar. Filled with a fresh batch of SEAECHO, Reif, Imaginary Authors, Moniker, Polaris, Saint Lucifers Vintage, PINO, refreshments and other goodies. But if you missed the launch that's alright, because SEAECHO and the rest of these wonderful brands will be in store until the end of the month! So stop in and grab the goods to stuff your stockings, a little some some for yourself and gaze at shoes. Either way, there's something perfect here for everyone!


Stay tuned

Christmas outings, holiday festivities and mysterious frosty mornings. We've been inspired and felt it was the perfect time for a fun Christmas photo shoot. 

We are excited about our whimsy theme, so we had to share a little sneak peak of inspiration. Stay tuned!

Do you believe? 


Where are you Christmas?

Now that Thanksgiving is over, somewhere out there we all have Christmas in the back of our mind. First thing I always get excited for with Christmas is lounging by the fire, warm cider, cozy frocks and watching The Grinch. This movie is the ultimate form of nostalgia and something inside me really just wants to be Cindy Lou Who. Not like this is hard, there are so many styles we've noticed recently on Tumblr and Pintrest that makes this able to be achievable.


Here are some of the things we are loving as far as a little cozy Cindy Lou style


And don't worry, if you MUST stay grinchy there's always something for you too.





This Friday and Saturday is the 3rd year for little boxes. A different way of shopping black Friday. We have all battled the crowds at a mall at 8am day after thanksgiving at some point, but this is a new and cherished event for Portland supporting the local businesses and brands we love. It isn’t only a one day event either, it carries on through small business saturday as well and there are tons of prizes, discounts and perks throughout.

Most stores open at 10am and offer 10% off along with a raffle code. We get a glance at the seasons newbie merchandise, start shopping around for sweet and special Christmas gifts and a more relaxed day of what we formally know as black Friday. The shops are divided into neighborhoods so you can plan your perfect route. This is all made manageable with the little boxes phone app (just search “little boxes PDX”). You get to find out what stores are participating, a map of where they are located and keep track of your raffle entries along the way.

Come out on your own with a 20oz espresso in hand, or bring friends or family who’s here from out of town to let them shop local with you and bring home goodies they wouldn’t find any where else. Either way, this is a two day event that is worth showing up to and wandering. Make sure you make it to Lizard Lounge to shop their goodies and pick up your SEAECHO bag too!

If you want to see Sarah's gift guide as well as others, check out:




Happy Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving and local shopping!


Okay guys, if you didn’t make it to this you’re totally crazy! This last Saturday at the Ace Hotel, 28 local designers came together to make an event that was nothing short of amazing! People dressed in their best, refreshments not lacking and installments just to die for. Each of the 28 rooms were taken over by a different designer with a different concept, and they were for sure creative with it. Right as you got into the building you had to wait your turn to get upstairs to the magic. Little to say anticipation was high. 

Finally when you made it up, the first thing you saw was Solestruck with their “Don’t cry over spilled milk” concept. Babes in little white skivvies and amazing foot candy to match. Not to mention the all white room with what appeared to be strawberry milk spilt all over the place and on top of it, the place smelled like a morning bowl of cheerios! 

This was just the entry to what was to be seen on the next level where rows of rooms were filled with just the same amount of their own creativity. There were rooms filled with dance parties, live models, balloons and everything in between. One room by Mazama was made to make you feel like you were inside a giant cocktail, yes please! Though, a major reason I was here was to cover and admire the SEAECHO installment. 

SEAECHO is about to have their birthday and wanted to celebrate with a room filled with Patron saints of all things they love. Patron saint of champagne, of pizza and of course pups! Amazing lit up full size photos of the saints hung on the walls and the vibe was completed by candlelight. The sweet smell of flowers and fire took over the room along with SEAECHO bags placed throughout to swoon over. 

Every last room was filled with so much inspiration and creativity that the passion each designer has was obvious. It’s incredible what someone can take from basically nothing and turn into their own beautiful something. Everyone was here for the same reason, to have fun, share amazing craftsmanship and enjoy each others creativity. Portland, you rock! 

PS. There was a shop afterwards to purchase some of the things you saw you wish you could have had. Bonus!




We recently were able to collaborate with a very talented Portland photographer, Hannah Rosa Lewis-Lopes! She took photos for our installation for the up and coming event; Content @ the Ace Hotel! 

This 23 year old babe from the boonies of Maui has studied film at PSU and is now studying film at Pacific Northwest College of the Arts. Her passion for photography clearly shows in everything that comes from her camera! Mostly using a film camera, we are obsessed with all the double exposure she does!


When did you start taking photos?

I was always obsessed with film and art as a child, and often made little films with friends but I did not pick up a camera until high school when my grandmother gave me her dinky little point and shoot digital camera, I was probably about 16 or 17. I didn't really know what I was doing, but always seemed to gravitate towards taking photographs of people but could never find any willing subjects. When I moved away from home to San Francisco I lost touch with my love for photography, it wasn't till late 2009 when I moved to Portland that I decided to pick up a camera again and decided take my first photography class ever, luckily it was an Analogue Intro to Black and White Photography class. Once I learned about the basic functions of a camera and how it manipulated light, I feel in love, particularly with film---and that was it, there was no turning back. 


What to you do to get yourself inspired?

 Inspiration is a funny thing, it always seems to come from nowhere or when I'm in the middle of a troublesome task, it comes as a daydream, popping out of nowhere distracting me from the task at hand, for this I have a little notebook that I carry for moments like that. Generally though I'm such a film nerd that I find a lot of inspiration in old movies and reminiscing about all of the romantic far away places I traveled to as a child. Color and fashion also play a big roll, especially the colors and fashion of the late 60's and 70's, I just can't get enough of it.


What is your dream photo shoot?

My dream photo shoot would involve a extraordinary location like the Palace of Versailles, the inside is so spectacular with long halls and giant windows, it would be completely over the top with giant hair and ridiculous makeup. Or perhaps something simple in an impossible location like the heart of the Sahara Desert during dusk with sheer materials and the human form. Any opportunity to take me back to Morocco, I long to photograph these magical places that I almost barely remember.


What is your spirit animal? 

My cat is definitely my spirit animal, she has expensive taste and a love for the softest things.

03690008 (2).jpg





Oak Common is a super rad store in Oakland, California that carries great brands like Bridge & Burn, Alternative Apparel and even SEAECHO!  They have that west coast vibe that we love love love! If you are ever in Oakland you have to check them out!! 

They recently were featured on the Etsy Wholesale blog! Check out the interview.

xoxoxo Sav. 

Outfit Inspiration

If you haven't seen the movie Almost Famous yet you ought to! From the early 2000's this movie takes us back to a time when rock 'n' roll began to die and we take a journey with a band that is holding onto the old times. Penny Lane, played by Kate Hudson, claims not be a groupie but a "Band- Aid", what we can all agree on is she's a major babe with great style! I know I'm not the only one that has been searching for a look alike of her iconic coat since I saw the movie! Her vibe is so cool, I cannot get over it! 


xoxoxoxoxo, Savanna  


I recently got the opportunity to mess around with a camera and do a little impromptu photo shoot with SEAECHO's Fall13 Collection! SEAECHO's 2nd birthday is coming up and I thought who doesn't love birthday parties! The look book tells a story of the journey to the party!


Model: Selene Duffy

Photography, Styling, Concept : Savanna Hupe

Editing: Sarah Vale Rapp