Picture a late night out and a morning that comes too early.   Nestle yourself on the couch with the latest issue of Gentlewomen, a salty snack and a little hair of the dog. Your bed is unmade and your hair is a perfect reflection of it; calling you back to climb between the white sheets and blurry dreams of black roses, empty rooms;. all while the melancholy sound of autumn blows through late summer's open windows. You've done it again, a new season is beckoning, and although it feels too soon, it couldn't come quick enough.

Coco Portfolio in Davis

Diamond Mini in Venus

Nevilyn Pencil Pouch in Rio

Double Chain Shoulder Bag in Hendrix

Double Chain Shoulder Bag in Rio

Diamond Mini in Valetine

Nevilyn Pencil Pouch in Hendrix

Harlow Clutch in Davis

Harlow Clutch in Rio

Photos by JD White, modeled by Noell Casteel, styled by Sarah Vale Rapp.